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In this page we will let you know about "GEE!STORE" !

Map of GEE! Store

What is GEE! STORE ?

Geestore is a shop that sells character goods from anime, manga, and games! Operated by Tablier Marketing. inc., a subsidiary of the COSPA Group!! So, most of the goods they handle are from COSPA.

At Geestore, they focus on items like T-shirts with characters or quotes, tapestries, keychains, stickers, and even character perfumes! However, they don't stock DVDs, CDs, manga, or light novels much.

In other words, Geestore is like an anime shop where they've maxed out the stats on character goods, similar to the anime where someone max out defense. So, if you want character goods, Geestore is the place to go! But if you also want manga and such, Animate or Gamers would be recommended (click or tap on the store names for details)!

GEE! STORE! Let's come to GEE!

GEE!STORE Around Japan

GEE!STORE has several physical store locations across Japan, catering to fans of anime, manga, and game. While specific store locations may change over time, here are some notable areas where you can find GEE!STORE!!

Others Interesting Information!

Pop-up Stores and Collabo Cafe!
The operating company of GEE! STORE also manages Cure Maid Cafe, Japan's oldest maid cafe! Because of this, they host collaboration cafes with various anime at cure maid cafe!! Recently, they collaborated with Gridman Universe and Lovelive! If it wasn't the day before Comiket, I would have wanted to go...

Moreover, collaboration cafes are sometimes held together with pop up shops!! The case of Gridman Universe is an example of that!
Exhibition to Promoting New Anime Releases
GEE!STORE actively promotes new anime releases by organizing special launch events and offering exclusive merchandise tied to the series. This helps generate excitement and awareness among fans and collectors.
Exclusive Event Goods
During anime event or special events, GEE!STORE often releases event-exclusive goods. These items are specifically designed and produced for the event, making them highly sought after by attendees. They can include limited edition figures, posters, apparel, and other collectibles.
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