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Feel the Japanese Horror

On this page, we will introduce recommended RPG Maker horror games! RPG Maker horror games are known for their high quality and captivating gameplay. Highly recommended!
Table of Contents
    Recommended RPG Maker Horror Games
    1. 01 - Sen's Game
    2. 02 - Famous Horror Games
    3. 03 - Nao's Game
    4. 04 - Most Recommended Game

Sen's Game

There is a renowned horror game creator known as "Sen," who has developed two famous horror games using RPG Maker. The atmospheres of these two games are similar, and I highly recommend playing both! Both games come highly recommended!

Famous Horror Games

Recently, there has been a significant increase in RPG Maker games! Here are some recommendations from the multitude!

Important Notes:
1. Some games contain surprise scenes. Be prepared for potential shocks!
2. Certain games may not be released on Steam or console platforms. You can access them through the game creator's blog or website for download.

Hoshikuzu's game

Surprise Game This game is all about giving you a big shock. It utilizes realistic horror photos to surprise the players. If you have the courage, be sure to give this game a try!

Nao's game

Nao has gained significant popularity in RPG Maker horror games with voluminous and engaging character dialogues, as well as in adventure horror games.

Most recommended game

While all the games introduced so far are fantastic, this section gathers games that are widely renowned. Probably, almost every RPG Maker horror game enthusiast has either played or heard of these games.

Important Notes:
1. Priority given to well-known games.
2. No explicit 18+ erotic content.
3. The story is one of the most crucial aspects.

The Witch's House MV
©ふみー All Rights Reserved.

The protagonist collapses in the middle of the forest, unable to return home. While searching for a way back, they come across an old house in the woods...
Created with RPG Maker, this masterpiece of a fairy tale horror game not only utilizes graphics from the RPG Maker tool but also involves efforts such as creating new pixels, reigning as a pinnacle in the world of RPG Maker-produced horror games.
Moreover, the game is intricately crafted, allowing players to enjoy the story even more by exploring various elements. Particularly, the deaths resulting from traps are remarkably diverse and cruel.

©kouri/Guertena art museum

With the release of this game, RPG Maker itself gained significant popularity. It's an incredibly famous horror game that spread widely in the gaming community.
A girl named Ib, on a trip to the museum with her parents, gets drawn into the world of paintings. This game has a fairy-tale-like quality, less scary than "The Witch's House" and more focused on mystery elements.

On April 11, 2022, a remake was released to commemorate its 10th anniversary. Due to copyright reasons, some music has been changed. The remake offers new exhibits, updated UI and illustrations, a zoom mode, and more, providing a fresh and highly recommended gaming experience!

Yume Nikki
© Project Yumenikki

The title "Yume Nikki" translates to "Dream Diary," and it's a game where you navigate through a dark world within dreams. The story involves the protagonist, Madotsuki, exploring within her dreams. Madotsuki always dreams of strange things. The game is notable for its impressive graphics, sound design, and detailed movements of characters and objects, not just in the background. The sounds of footsteps and floor creaks vary depending on which floor the character is walking on. Except for some overlapping BGM, most maps have different background music.


This game is quite different from other RPG Maker horror games! While typical games focus on visual scares for the player, this game primarily centers on the mind and soul! Additionally, the art is incredibly beautiful and cute! The horror elements are in mysterious places, adding to the uniqueness! I highly recommend experiencing it for yourself. If you immerse yourself in the story of this game, you may feel a kind of fear you've never experienced in a game before.
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