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    H games has a long history of over 20 years, and some of the most famous animated films are based on H games and visual novels! Like (Fate/stay night)

    H games can only be played by people 18 years of age or older and is recommended for those who are already adults! (Don't buy is you are kids! Maybe!!!)

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    visual novel can be easily played even on a computer with not so good specs! The most famous genre in H games is visual novel! (Actually, H games also has RPGs, etc.)

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    By the time you finish reading this page, you are a H games master! You've done it!

Best game ever

In this page, you can see our recommendations on how to buy H games! Now, let's buy H!

Recommended Real stores!

Actually, there are few real stores that sell Hentai games. The most famous one will be nationwide stores such as Suruga-ya, Sofmap, and also Lashinbang. You can purchase H games at these stores in any prefecture! Additionally, each store offers different Purchase benefits for H games, so it's important to research about it before buying. Moreover, Lashinbang allows you to buy used H games, so if you want to play older ones, you should go! However since they are H games, it's unclear what is included on the discs. If you're buying used one, be sure to check inside. In Akihabara, you can also purchase H games at a store called Traders, and I recommend buying from there as well.

Best place to buy H games in a real store!

Recommended Online Stores

In this section, you will find best websites where you can purchase recommended H games!

Important note:
1. we will not take any responsibility if your parents find out when you make a purchase! HEHEHE

Below is a ranking of recommended online stores!


We have played many H games in our lives! Based on our experience, we would like to recommend some great H games for beginners!

Important Notes:
1. Horror H games are not included.
2. Basically, only those who are 18 years old or older are allowed to play.

Summer Pockets (REFLECTION BLUE)

This is one of the best games in recent times! And unexpectedly, it's for all ages! It's incredibly rare! No H-scenes at all! (SO SAD) Jun Maeda, one of the best visual novel creators, conceived and composed the music for this game, so the story, songs, and music are all fantastic. The concept for the story of this game is Jun Maeda's 'fun daily life and a story that makes you cry. Therefore, it has a unique charm not found in previous Key works, making it highly recommended for beginners in Key's games! If you want to finish the story quickly, you can, but I don't recommend it too much because you might overlook the delicate portrayal of characters' emotions and foreshadowing.

Fate/stay night

Fate/stay night is said to be a masterpiece that represents the entire H game genre. The Fate series has a really long history, with a large number of entries. However, by playing Fate/stay night, you can easily understand the other series while still feeling the roots. First, try playing Fate/stay night, and it might be a good idea to watch other anime or play Fate/Grand Order. Even now, many otaku appreciate the Fate series, and playing Fate/stay night will help you understand why

Tou, anata ga watashi no master ka?


Authored by Fumiaki Maruto, the creator of "Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend," this work is "White Album 2" with Maruto also handling the screenplay. (Note: White Album is a separate title, and there's no need to play it as the stories are unrelated.) The theme here is infidelity. In this emotionally charged narrative, if two wonderful girls confess their feelings to you, can you choose one? The protagonist finds himself entangled in a love triangle, torn between two girls, and he grapples with the conflict and anguish of making a choice. The delicate portrayal of the struggles of both the protagonist and the girls left the author reaching for antacids.

Sabbat of the Witch

This is a legendary work that many say it is one of Yuzusoft's best! The comical interactions with the girls are very funny, and anyway!The girls! Cute! Also, the scenario is easy to understand, the story is highly perfect, and the songs are all masterpieces, and we especially recommend it to those who are planning to play Yuzusoft games in the future! we would like to conclude with this spell.

Menkata Karame Yasai Daburu Ninniku Abura Mashi Mashi

If you want to know more recommended H games, please Click Here! I have played more than 1,000 hours of H games, and I have selected BEST 15 H games from it!
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