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In this page, you will find information about the history of Bishoujo games and recommended games!

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A Brief History of the Bishoujo Games

Bishoujo Games were born at the same time that personal computers became popular. Many people believed that many game companies tried to make Bishoujo Games to attract many people. The United States also attempted to create Bishoujo Games at first, These games were based on text therefore, Bishoujo Games that focused on illustrations developed in Japan.

Popular Bishoujo Games

This page is about famous Bishoujo games! We will only feature games with really good ones!

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Those in the know, know

RPG game (Fantasy)

Our highest recommendation

We've played many Bishojo Games ourselves! So, we can introduce you to some fantastic Bishojo Games. Here, we won't recommend any subpar games!

Sakura no Uta & Sakura no Koku
©MAKURA All Rights Reserved.

The theme of the story is "Live Happily." Are you happy right now? What does happiness mean to you? The narrative prompts contemplation on such matters. Real-world heroes differ from anime heroes. Still, everyone wishes to be someone's hero.

Fate/stay night

From the doujin circle Takebouki, emerged the magnum opus of Type-Moon, Fate/stay night. Summoning numerous historical figures, the story revolves around making them battle each other. The victor is granted the Holy Grail, capable of fulfilling any wish.
Tou, anata ga watashi no master ka?


Authored by Fumiaki Maruto, the creator of "Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend," this work is "White Album 2" with Maruto also handling the screenplay. (Note: White Album is a separate title, and there's no need to play it as the stories are unrelated.) The theme here is infidelity. In this emotionally charged narrative, if two wonderful girls confess their feelings to you, can you choose one? The protagonist finds himself entangled in a love triangle, torn between two girls, and he grapples with the conflict and anguish of making a choice. The delicate portrayal of the struggles of both the protagonist and the girls left the author reaching for antacids.

Sabbat of the Witch

This is a legendary work that many say it is one of Yuzusoft's best! The comical interactions with the girls are very funny, and anyway!The girls! Cute! Also, the scenario is easy to understand, the story is highly perfect, and the songs are all masterpieces, and we especially recommend it to those who are planning to play Yuzusoft games in the future! we would like to conclude with this spell.

Menkata Karame Yasai Daburu Ninniku Abura Mashi Mashi

Extras (for advanced users)

Copyright©2002-2023 CLOCKUP

Waking up, I found myself in an unfamiliar room. Main character, Keisuke Takato, and six heroines were trapped in a white closet. In the middle of their confusion, a suspicious voice suddenly appeared: "Let the game begin." This game is explicit even among Bishoujo games, featuring hardcore content. Caution is advised due to its intense and explicit nature. Recommended for those seeking a robust gaming experience.

Doki Doki Literature Club!
© 2021 Team Salvato & Serenity Forge

This is Dokidoki Literature Club, a novel game that has become famous for being incredibly scary! I recommend this game for those who are good at horror and those who are not looking for Bishoujo scenes! I was seriously too scared to play it at night!

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