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Ikebukuro TOP 10

1 Animate IkebukuroBiggest anime shop in Japan!
2 Mega Tokyo Pokemon CenterBiggest pokemon center in Japan!
3 Capcom Store and cafeMonster Hunter!!!
4 Melon BooksBest place to buy doujinshi!
5 Otome RoadBest place for Otome!
6 Ikebukuro P' ParcoA large number of anime stores, including Evangelion Slore!
7 One piece StoreI love Luffy!
8 GamersAlso nice place to buy anime goods!
9 ToranoanaThis is the place to buy doujinshi (especially for ladies)!
10 Anime Tokyo StationLots of animation exhibits!

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Otome City

Have you heard about the second Akihabara, everyone? Ikebukuro is one of the largest anime towns in Japan, ranking second in popularity after Akihabara! The main difference between the two is that Akihabara is more oriented towards males, while Ikebukuro is known for being more popular among females! (Including BL and otome game-related goods) Additionally, Ikebukuro is a great recommendation for those interested in cosplay, as it offers a wide variety of cosplay goods too!

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Animate Ikebukuro Main Store

Animate is a chain of anime shops located throughout Japan, and its Ikebukuro flagship store is just enormous. It's easy to understand why it holds the title of the world's largest anime shop. While it seems that the content it sells is more geared towards females than males, there's a substantial selection for males as well, making it a place where both men and women can enjoy.

Capcom Cafe

In Ikebukuro, there is a store from the famous Capcom, known for Monster Hunter and Resident Evil! You can enjoy a cafe, merchandise shop, and even VR experiences there! If you're a fan of Capcom games, it's a must-visit! The Felyne-themed cafe is especially adorable!


Actually, there's also a Gamers store in Ikebukuro! It may not be as large as other anime shops, but it's a worthwhile place for anime fans to visit! It's a bit tucked away, so be sure to keep an eye out!


With the closure of the Toranoana store in Akihabara, the last remaining Toranoana store is now in Ikebukuro! Being the only one left, this store is quite comprehensive! They have an impressive collection of doujinshi, especially catering to female audiences!

Anime Tokyo Station

Anime Tokyo Station is a recently opened anime museum in Ikebukuro! It features various exhibits related to different anime series! Please note that it's closed on Mondays, and the best part is that admission is entirely free!

Melon Books

Melonbooks is Japan's largest doujinshi (fan-made works) chain shop! With stores nationwide, there's one in Ikebukuro too! This store primarily offers doujinshi targeted towards male audiences.

Mega Tokyo Pokemon Center

Pokemon Centers can be found all over Japan, but the largest one is in Ikebukuro, the Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo & Pikachu Sweets! If you love Pokemon, this is a must-visit! The cafe is also a lot of fun!

Mugiwara Store

The Straw Hat (Mugiwara) Store, a shop dedicated to the globally popular manga, One Piece, is also in Ikebukuro! It's a considerably large store, featuring a life-sized figure of Luffy! If you're a One Piece fan, this is a must-visit!

Official Shop of the Ichiban Kuji

The Ichiban Kuji Official Shop is a specialty store that opened in November 2023, exclusively for Ichiban Kuji products! They offer not only the latest Kuji items but also past goods. If you're looking for hidden gems or specific items, this place might have just what you need! It's a highly recommended spot for anyone interested in Ichiban Kuji-related goods!

Crayon Shin-chan Cinema Parade

For Crayon Shin-chan fans, a must-visit is the Crayon Shin-chan Cinema Parade! It's a shop dedicated exclusively to Crayon Shin-chan, gathering all things related to the beloved character. If you're a fan of Crayon Shin-chan, this shop is an absolute must-visit!

Bandai Namco Cross Store

If you're a fan of iDOLM@STER, Gundam, or other Bandai Namco-related works, be sure to visit! They have a wide range of related goods and exhibits!

GachaGacha Department Store Ikebukuro Sohonten

With over 3000 Gacha Gacha machines, it's the world's largest Gacha Gacha facility! Whether you love Gacha Gacha or you're just visiting Ikebukuro, this place is a must-visit! The sheer number of Gacha Gacha machines is truly impressive!


Surprisingly, NAMJATOWN is recommended for otaku! They often collaborate with anime and game works, allowing you to enjoy attractions and more! You can also indulge in various food experiences. The only downside is that it requires an entrance fee of around 1,000 yen. Check out the collaborations on the official website!

Surugaya Ikebukuro Otome Hall

When you come to Otome Road, this is the must-visit main shop! Specializing in otome goods, it's highly recommended for all the otome enthusiasts out there! Enjoy the otome life to the fullest!

KBOOKS Otome Ikebukuro

K-BOOKS is a well-known anime shop that needs no introduction! They mainly deal with used items, but there are also new ones available! It's highly recommended for those who are looking for goods from older anime series! Additionally, there are several K-BOOKS stores in Ikebukuro, each specializing in different genres such as doujinshi or otome, so feel free to explore the ones that your interest!

Otomate Building

This is a place dedicated to creating a space for otome-loving ladies (mens)! They offer collaboration cafes with otome games, a variety of merchandise, and a lineup of characters, aiming to cater to the interests of otome enthusiasts!

ACOS Ikebukuro Main Store

The main store of ACOS, the largest cosplay shop, is located here in Ikebukuro! If you're interested in cosplay or want to engage in cosplay play, this is the place to get your costumes! The author also wishes to engage in cosplay play with girlfriend (´;ω;`) Anyone willing to be my partner....

Animate Annex

Animate Annex is a cosplay-focused version of Animate, offering cosplay trials, studio photography, and a café! You can also visit the café separately! The café collaborates with various anime and games, so be sure to drop by when you're in Ikebukuro!

Mandarake Lalala

Mandarake is a second-hand goods store specializing in anime and game idol-related items, with locations throughout Japan! And here in Ikebukuro, Mandarake Lalala mainly focuses on selling goods related to otome genres!

Lashinbang Ikebukuro

Lashinbang is Japan's largest second-hand anime goods store! You can find anime from a little while ago here for sure! The prices are reasonable, so if you're undecided, let's start by going to Lashinbang! Also, there are multiple Lashinbang stores in Ikebukuro, so visit the store that interests you!

fantasy village P'Parco

For fans of Genshin Impact, Honkai Impact 3rd, and other HoYoverse titles, this shop offers a wide range of merchandise. If you love these games, be sure to check it out!


THE CHARA SHOP in Ikebukuro features a cafe and a variety of goods. While not very large, it's a must-visit for fans of anime and game collaborations. You can check out the collaboration details on their official website The cafe is outside and the POPUP SHOP is inside P'PACO!


eeo POP-UP STORE is a hidden place and recommended otaku shop in Ikebukuro! It's a bit smaller, so it's perfect for those with some extra time to spare!

Dash Store

At Dash Store, the anime goods available for sale vary each time depending on the season! It's better to check the official website before each visit. If they have goods from your favorite series, be sure to drop by!


Speaking of Evangelion stores, Tokyo-01 is the place to go! If you love Evangelion and find yourself in Ikebukuro, be sure to visit! They have exclusive goods, and you can even find life-sized figures there!

InfoLens Geek Shop

A wide range of merchandise from extremely popular games! Including Apex Legends, Minecraft, Cyberpunk, AMONG US, VALORANT, GOD OF WAR RAGNAROK, FALL GUYS, CUPHEAD, RUST, Ghost of Tsushima, and many more!
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↑(Click img above for hotel reservations)
This is the biggest and the most popular travel company in Japan!! You can reserve hotel at reasonable price!! There are English, Thai, Korean and Chinese version for Rakuten!! You can switch it from language. If you're using Smartphone, change website to PC version and switch the language to your language.
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